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The Young Buds : Suman Karmakar | YB001

Suman Karmakar, is a 24 year old from West Bengal His featured project : A portrait of Stan Lee

Technique Shading, and blending with hair brush Tools Apsara 2B, 6B and 8B graphite pencils, Apsara non-dust eraser, A4 copier paper, and hair brush for blending. About the Project ” This is a realistic portrait sketch of the creator of marvel comic universe i.e.., Sir Stan Lee. A tribute to the inventor of superheroes and fantasies of billion’s of children as well as adults across the globe. As an artist I tried to re-establish his character image & personality in front of the viewers, specially focusing on each detail to bring him to life.” His Style and Explorations : His to-go style is graphite pencil sketches, but he also loves to draw with watercolor & color pencils. Taking this art just as a hobby as of now, and has won various adulations at school and interstate competitions I love to do sketches whenever I get time , & it helps me to stay focused and stress free. I think that if anyone has love & passion towards his work, that led him/her towards perfection. Project


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