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The Young Buds : Bhavya Agarwal | YB003

Bhavya Agarwal is a Varanasi-based mixed media artist who graduated in Fine Arts from Banaras Hindu University.

We loved the way she expresses expression, and in this expression we find inspiration to celebrate the simple joys in life, our featured young bud, Bhavya Agarwal’s work!


Mixed Media Artist

Her Style and Explorations :

Along with being an artist, she is a play designer and works as a freelancer. The experimental approach in black and white visuals attracts her the most. In an overview, her works talk about intensity, joy, liberation, and peace. Her journey as an artist is to create a universal language through emotions that connect us all. Her work depicts stories, expressions, emotions of people’s lives in a snapshot and conveys her feelings through them. The visual makes you ponder over the situation of who you are and inspires you to focus on who you could be.

She looks up to the life stories of great artists Yayoi Kusama, Basquiat and; she finds inspiration in the charcoal techniques of contemporary artists like Marta Crawford, John Fenerov, and Oliver Sin. In her recent works, trying to strike a balance between controlled actions and uncontrolled mind, she depicts in her paintings a motive of promoting values to feel beautiful and comfortable in your skin and enjoy the gifted moments through your soul.

“Do not fear the laugh lines. Flaunt them. It just shows you lived well.”

Complexities in complexion

The lady in blue is a reflection of being comfortable in your skin and bravely singing your heart loud while shutting down every inhibition that comes in the way.


Yellow Haze

It is a depiction of owning the flaws and shining in imperfections. It is your choice who you want to be, or what you want to wear, or how you want to present yourself to the world. I believe that in your thoughts of yellow haze lies the power that makes you stronger.


Laugh a little louder

The wrinkles tell us the tales of her struggles that tried to pull her down but, she, being the lady of actions, endured everything life had to throw, with kindness and love. It is now the reason why she laughs a little louder, looking back and remembering those times.

This portrait is seized in time, representing the moments when one witnesses the adversities kicking in teeth but decides to gather the courage to dust oneself and have the determination to get going over and over again..


Sing the pain, sing the pleasure

Sing the pain, sing the pleasure

The artwork tells people to share their pain and failures. The work showcases the power of one being composed of both success and failures. Based on lifting oneself even if one doesn’t feel strong enough, the work focuses on initiating a conversation about the feelings instead of suppressing them inside.


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