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Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pen

Tombow is one of the most professionally preferred tools for Brush Lettering Artists. From beginners to the most seasoned artists this is a must have tool.

It comes in 2 variants:

  • Hard Tip &

  • Soft Tip

If you are deciding which one to purchase checkout the video below.

Just a basic demo on tombows | color | gradients and basics

To help you get started, here are a few suggestions:


  • Soft tip is a better tool for advanced calligraphy, as it gives you more range and scope for better hand movement.

  • Hard tip is one of the most fine tools in the market to start learning calligraphy as you have better control over the hard tip and you can make extreme fine lines with it.

  • Personally I prefer the Hard Tip for processing hand lettering and the Soft Tip for experimental calligraphy.

  • You can also use these pens for Illustrations & Mandala Art – they work brilliantly with their thin hairline quality strokes to the bold and opaque strokes.

  • FUN-FACT : Once the ink is finished you can create beautiful DRY BRUSH effects with these pens .

Where to buy?

A set of two :


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