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How to make 3D Quilling Miniatures with Oak Arts Quilling Kit

How to Make 3D Quilling Flower Pot | Flower Basket | with a variety of Flowers

Learn how to make 3D miniatures

How to Make 3D Quilling Flower Pot | Flower Basket | with a variety of Flowers Quilling Project – Calendar on a Garden Theme , a beginners guide on DIY quilling paper art. Step 1 : How to use a Quilling Tool to make paper quills? Insert the quilling strip ( one at a time ) into the slit on the top side of the quilling needle of the tool. Just leave a small portion inside the slit and start to rotate the tool. ( check the demonstration in the video )

Try making a few shapes from the manual.

Step 2 : How to make 3D quilling miniatures? BASE FLOWER POT + BASE BASKET POT 3D quilling is a lot like sculpting and pottery as a technique, the only difference being you are doing this with paper. So you make tight coils of paper with the help of the quilling tool and start sculpting them with light pressure. Making the Base Basket, take a round cylindrical object roughly 2-3 cm in diameter. We use a cylindrical object to make these as firstly you get an accurate stenciled round circumference, and secondly you can make exact replicas in the exact size. Making a spiral using the quill stick tool. Just start coiling the quilling strip onto the metal stick and space it as per your desire, to make the perfect spiral.

MAKING FLOWERS In this tutorial we are making two types of flowers chrysanthemums, and 6 petaled modular flower made up of quilled coils. There is a separate tutorial for quilled roses here. For Chrysanthemums ( with pistil – center ) chrysanthemums in a basketMake a tight coil with a 3 mm strip to be placed as the center of the flower. Then take a 10 mm coil make slits ( as close as possible for a much fluffier look ) rotate this strip around the center coil we previously made. And Voila! Your 3D miniature Chrysanthemums are ready.

Without Center Just follow the same steps and without placing the center. ASSEMBLE ALL OF THE FLOWERS TOGETHER INTO THEIR RESPECTIVE FLOWER POTS MAKE THE MONTH & DATE TILES, and place them in the placeholders of the calendar.

Where to buy OAK ARTS Quilling Kit? You can purchase you kit via Amazon at Follow Oak Arts for more of crafting and quilling products.

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