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Business of Performing Arts with Shohini Dutta – Artsy Entrepreneur S/01 E:02

The Business of Performing Arts with Shohini Dutta

  • What exactly are Performing Arts? & how does the business of Performing arts work?

Well in simple words “It is a massive gamut of artists who come in together to create a magical experience for the audience. ” But there is a lot BTS ( a.k.a behind the scenes ) that goes on just to bring those few minutes of awe in front of you! Let us take a deep dive into Shohini’s journey as a performing artists, her projects, and what is the business side of performing arts all about. What all can a Dancer be? Dancers are the smartest beings on this planet, tell me one thing a dancer cannot be? – Shohini Dutta One of the most intriguing conversations with an Artsy Entrepreneur, you learn much more than dance, you become a master of people management, self grooming and attitude management. Well off course you can be a choreographer, own a dance/event consultancy, start your own company etc… the crux of the story being that you become much more capable as a person, and much more equipped to do things bigger than dance itself. Most of all as artists/dancers, the whole process of our education the most important skill we all learn is “failure management”. In the process of practicing an art-form we become so comfortable in adapting to change. How do we define the “Voice” of a dancer? OWN YOUR WORK. The moment you are comfortable in owning your self, your attitude, you already have a Voice! How can we make a better sustainable career for a performing artist? Shohini says we must always be curious to explore the sub-set industries related to our art. Let us elaborate , what are these sub-set industries. It is not just the hero character who makes a performance, we have directors, costume designers, graphics designers, videography, photography experts and so much more to one single show. Also develop these with your curiosity and in the process develop a side career, which may turn into your main-stream business later on. About Shohini Dutta #ShohiniDutta – a #dancer, #mentor , #choreographer, curator and festival director. Her passion for culminating diverse #artforms together, has always made brilliant and most innovative art productions. She is presently the Assistant Artistic Director of ‘The Danceworx Performing Arts Academy’ . She is a professionally trained dancer in various Indian and International dance forms like bharatnatyam, Jazz, ballet, contemporary, contact improvisation and more for over 2 decades . As a performer and choreographer she has been part of many theatrical performances in India & abroad for various International festivals/productions like Les Miserables, A Chorus Line, About Nothing, That’s Dancing,The box, Games people play – Fontys Dance Festival, Mundial festival in Netherlands and has choreographed theatrical plays : Dear Dairy , ‘Salaam India’, and ‘Ji saab Ji Animal out of paper. etc to names a few . Her latest solo work – Homelands -Terra incognito deals with migration and the notion of self in new age cities . A recipient of a prestigious scholarship to France by the French Government for composition of movement in 2006 and awarded in 2018 for her contribution to dance by Shri Vijay Goel ( minister of parliament ). She has choreographed the musical ‘Wizwits’ at @kingdomofdreams ‘ , fiddler on the roof – archdiocese of India and has successfully created experimental projects ‘Duet by Three’, ‘Chemical Reaction’, ‘Danscapes’ and ‘Songs Of Life’ and Conceptualized for the Homelands exhibition for the British Council . She has been dabbling in film Choreography since 2008 in over 25 films, recently choreographed Bollywood movies Highway (2014 ) Anurag Kashyap’s Bombay Velvet., Dear dairy (2016) Laila Majnu 2018 , Fry day (2018) and has worked on several Ad films. She is currently facilitating artistic sharing and collaborations of Indian performing artist with other artist from UK France, Israel, USA and Japan through her NGO Friends of ART. . #performingarts #stage #dancerslife #lifetimeofwork #dancer #stageperformer #sayheytoart TOUCH POINTS to connect with SHOHINI DUTTA @friends4arts @shohinidutta_official OTHER ARTISTS IN THE CONVERSATION:






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