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Shweta Moorpana - The Calligraphy Perfectionist

Shweta Moorpana, born and brought up in Mumbai; presently Delhi based Indian calligraphy artist who is passionate about the visual expression of words.

" The feel of writing is such a joy for me, I get engrossed in this process which is almost meditative ," says Shweta.

She comes from an artistic background where her father adorned the alphabets into various styles .

So the inspiration was always with her and it was just a matter of time that she devoted her heart and soul into the alphabets .She communicates her emotions and expressions through the various styles of calligraphy.

She is a professional Calligraphy trainer, also hosting workshops with Say Hey to Art. She has taken up many project works like wedding invitations, greeting cards, book marks, thank you cards and poems framed for clients and also conducted Calligraphy workshops in schools n colleges.

She is also a floral genius, she adorns her calligraphy with beautiful florals.

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