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We manufacture premium art products, that help artists develop their own merchandise. With each purchase you are celebrating an artist thrive with their art!

We also host project based Workshops, Talks and Courses for professional artists to hone their skills in various artforms. And make art a sustainable career for themselves


Check out our upcoming workshops and courses, we have a series of curated multiple art workshops for all age groups.

artist sketchbooks

We have special papers for all medias, high quality archival paper sketchbooks for professional artists. Check out our shop for products!

scrapbooking store

Get papers in all the colours you need, with an array of theme based stickers, and you know what we also make custom stickers with your design on them.

interact with professionals

Meet Artists, Mentors who can guide you as an artist, to learn and earn with what you are good at.

develop your own merchandise

We help you make your own merchandise, connect with us for how and what you can design with us. We provide you complete manufacturing & shipping support.

professional artist's shop

Let your Art make you some Money

Just design your art! and leave the production, packaging and shipping to us. We help you create all that you can think of.

Connect with us for more information.

Contact Us

you just said Say Hey to Art, we will get back to you ASAP!

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