Swati Sharma – the Balancing Act

Artwork - the Yin Yang

In the black, there is some white In the wrong, there is some right In the dark, there is some light In the blind, there is some sight

The duality of these lines fuel the fire of my creativity. Understanding that there is no absolute, that the very fabric of existence is the duality of human nature, is what fills the wind in my sails. Navigating through a sea of emotions, the troughs and crest is where life happens. The black and white mesh together in the grey is where my paintings take me.

I aim to portray the raw struggle of a human in those times of decision making, where everything is in flux and the course of his life depends upon the internal tug of war of emotions he faces. And how adulterated the decision becomes when he considers the external entities like societal norms and morality.

For art that reflects change, it sure lies in the twilight of real and unreal, dream and reality.

I de-contextualise then I reconstruct, looking past the obvious, close observation and engagement of the subject is my process.As a visual artist,my goal is to inspire a series of questions for self introspection one usually doesn’t put oneself through.

My expression is given shape by my own visual imagery to express the complexities of day to day life. My work varies from representational to conceptual and I am continuously moving along the continuum between the two.

I prefer to work in series where i pursue my ideas to the end of what they have to offer.

I believe ”Action speaks louder than words” is one of the many teachings I learnt from my parents. The fact that ‘People may not always tell you how they feel , but they will always show you, so pay attention’ is what drove me to pay attention to people’s gestures and subtle reactions. This is where I believe my visual language started constructing itself.It fascinates me how even small unintentional reactions of a human being tells us a lot about their emotional situations in life.

I depict the two hands as the two arms of the proverbial demon that is duality. How an arm is depicted in the right side of morality and its sibling is on the opposite end, while both exist as part of the same individual.

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My version of a Freud would be-

“ My mind is a river. It flows in layers, some see the light of the sun, some stay in darkness throughout, but both shape the course of my decisions”

Which if you look closely, is the gist of the texture I employ. You may find it, but not too closely, or you’ll miss the magic.

I am hugely inspired by surrealist artists as their craft is to showcase the hidden realities one often forgets and accepts the situations without questioning the norms.

My artworks are all open ended statements, inviting the placebo nature of interpretation.

Swati's Balancing Act

Swati’s paintings are inspirational, the details and the mesmerizing balance of the hues just took our breath away …

A bit more about Swati

Swati Sharma Paintings - Resistance

Swati Sharma Paintings – Resistance

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