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Art and Healing by Nilima Agarwal

We had a very interesting conversation with Nilima, about her work, check out more about her venture…

Nilimaarthouse is a one stop solution for art lovers across the globe. She is a visual artist and owns a collection of her original and affordable Paintings and Epoxy Resin Trays, Table Tops and coasters.

As she is also a psychological counsellor who is passionate about art. All her work is about releasing emotions, and as one of the base step toward self-healing.

  1. Where do you create your art?

I create all my artwork at my home studio which is where I spend most of my time. I aim to provide unique and mesmerizing wall art for the walls of your home & office.

I would be happy to customize an art piece for you, so feel free to get in touch with your ideas and I will be happy to cater to your needs.

My paintings come with a certificate of authenticity. I use Oil, Acrylics, Water color and Resin as medium on wood and canvas.

  1. What keeps you motivated while making an art?

Through my art, I share myself. The golden thread that ties my artworks together is the expression of who I am, my inner self, happiness, freedom, spirituality and limitlessness.

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Crowned MOON - resin art






Invincible Streak


Mahamastakabhishek I

Mahamastakabhishek II

Crowned MOON - resin art




Why Nilima Art House?

My paintings touch people emotionally and spiritually. Being an artist, I am living the most authentic version of myself.

Nilima's Story

I have been inclined toward creative expression since my childhood.

My creative Journey began when I won my first art prize at the age of five. I was elated, but never imagined to try my hands on Arts professionally. Being a bright student, I was encouraged to take up science rather than arts for higher studies.

Hence, the longing to freedom and limitlessness remained undying.

It was my big day in higher secondary when our school Principal organised an exhibition of our fine art batch Paintings. I was in awe of the Art world and its magnificence.

My creative Journey accelerated again when I joined TRIVENI KALA SANGAM, a premier art place, near My Graduation College. There, I got the opportunity to receive art training from the experts. I was fortunate to meet various artists and witness many outstanding exhibitions. I would always look up to them and yearned to be one of them.

Even after my graduation, through many life transitions, I continued to find joy and peace in my arts practice, whether via doodling on old papers or intentionally creating a painting. I was encouraged by unexpected positive responses to impromptu pieces created for family, friends, or simply for my own enjoyment. In 2017 my passion became my profession, & NILIMA ART HOUSE was established.

Nilima's process and techniques

And that’s how, I dedicated myself to exploring new mediums of expression: Epoxy Resin, alcohol ink, LED lighting, as well as building my previous experience in acrylic painting, nib painting, water colours, oil. Other mediums I have worked in include pottery, clay art, block printing, screen printing, batik, and painting forms like pouring and swipe techniques. Presently I am spending most of my time enhancing my practice in Epoxy Resin with both functional and decorative applications.

Nilima's Exhibits and Awards

2020 june – 5th Winner of the Covid Quarantine Art contest held Merakii Art House

2019 June – Artist of the year Award by Merakii Art House, New Delhi

2018, 22nd to 25th November – India Art Festival 4th edition, New Delhi, Tyagraj Stadium

2018, 12th to 16th October – Epiphany Group Art Show, Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi

2018 3rd June – Guinness world record attempt made (1145) for, ‘maximum people colouring in simultaneously to create awareness about environment day’ at New Delhi, India.

2018 March, International Group Art Exhibition, Khushrang season 2, IAFACS, New Delhi

2017 October, 3rd National Group Art Exhibition IAFACS gallery, NEW DELHI

2017 JUNE, Green Mark Art Gallery, Uttar Pradesh

Nilima's Art Gallery


Mahamastak Abhishek - Nilima Agarwal © copywrite 2020

Abhishek of the statue of Jain God #Bahubali located at #Shravanabelagola in Karnataka, India.

It is an important Jain festival held once in 12 years. The statue is bathed with kalashas of milk, world’s purest saffron, turmeric, vermillion, sandal paste etc.

This over 57 feet tall statue is the most magnificent of all Jain works of art.

He is said to have meditated motionless for a year in a standing posture and that during this time, climbing plants grew around his legs. After an year of #meditation, Bahubali is said to have attained omniscience (Kevala Gyana).

This is depicted in the painting background.

I am lucky to be born in a Jain family. It’s in my bucket list to visit this place once where faith and grace meet.

Size- A4 | Medium – Camlin Acrylic Colours on Brustro Watercolor Paper | Year – 2020

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