Inku Kumar – the Creative Calligrapher

Inku Kumar – the Creative Calligrapher

Inku is one of the most experimental and creative calligraphers in India, he is famous for his unique brush calligraphy, and is presently working on building a niche for devanagri calligraphy.

He frequently organizes #CALLIMEETS, a community built for the calligraphers. I personally try to attend all of these and I have had the opportunity to meet so many great artists, each with their own unique style statement. Always looking forward to this meetup! Do follow him on Insta for updates regarding the #callimeets.

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Inku’s Vision

“I believe there are high standards to be maintained and constantly sharpened or improved.” – Inku Kumar

Inku Kumar is a self-trained and one of the most distinguished contemporary calligraphy artist’s that I have ever come across. It is not just about calligraphy brushes or pens with him, he works across numerous mediums and tools in his calligraphy practice, very well known for his striking art contemporary calligraphy & experimental compositions from his own unique vision.

He has a certain ease when it comes to letter formations, his hands work like magic and he can use any tool to make some art ! , he really inspires magic in all of his students, including me. 

His work has attracted clientele like Cartier, Mont Blanc, Project Eve by Relience, L’orel, Wizcraft etc. We are sure you have already come across his work here and there.

Apart from Latin/Roman scripts he is the first commercial calligrapher to create a niche audience for DEVANAGRI SCRIPT. His teaching style is unique and he is one of the most patient teachers that I have personally come across. I started my calligraphy journey with sir and it has been a meditative experience. Other than calligraphy sir keeps himself immersed with, sketching, illustrations, experimenting with water colors & acrylic paints, cartooning, various arts & crafts, playing flute, and exploring design through digital software-s.

TRIVIA : Tombow feudenosuke is his favorite calligraphy tool, among other japanese brushpens. 

HIS JOURNEY from the Corporate World to a Master Calligrapher…

It all started with writing certificates in his early years of Bachelors during his twenties, Inku is still constantly exploring the art of calligraphy as ‘drawing of letters’ as sir likes to call it, and not ‘writing’. He started his career as a graphic designer in ESPN Start Sports, for almost 7 years, but eventually followed his calling in calligraphy. With his growing passion, dedication & enthusiasm towards Calligraphy, Inku leaped out of the corporate world in 2013 and fully committed his journey to explore the art of calligraphy in his unique way.

Since then he never looked back and carved his own path to set his own milestones in Calligraphy. In his recent years, Inku established his own studio / institute named CALLIART and worked with many recognized brands. When not making art, he can be found conducting innovative workshops on Calligraphy. ( Brush Calligraphy being one of his most coveted courses, check them out here )