Study 1: Affects Of Music On Your Art

What is this study about -

A Study on how Music changes your artwork. We will be working with various artists from different spheres of art that are influenced by music.

Music has always been my support system going through all that life has to offer, well and music is also believed to be the first artform to come into existence. This study is a humble effort to understand the role of music as a therapy and whether it can enhance or change the way we make art.

Subjects in this study:

– Technique based artforms such as, calligraphy, painting, sculpture etc..

– Dance : as it is said to be an expression of music itself

– Mentalism : the auto-response our mind generates to certain sounds

– Music itself : a group of eminent artists will be deciphering and creating sounds and tracks for us to study.

This Study aims at :

– To establish the relation between various genres of music and their effect on us. And how it directly or passively affects our work.

– Art and Music as therapeutic practices for various ailments. 

– Can Cymatics be deciphered by a human mind?

– A study on Sound energy.